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Haddon Summer Music Theatre's 2017 production of Disney's Beauty and the Beast will be fondly remembered by over
2,200 theater-goers who crowded into the HMHS auditorium to watch the magic unfold.

Both children and adults alike cheered and held up lighted enchanted roses as the Beast was transformed into Belle's handsome prince. And yes...they lived "happily ever after."

The Cast of Carousel

                                                                          also starring....

Laura Betz as Bertie                                                     
Ben Lefler as Carnival Boy
Morgan Carreon as Clarise
                                         Keith Ludwick as Mr. Bascombe
Mary Beth Gross as Mrs. Bascombe                        Dana Manochi as Arminy
Christopher Irving as Nigel                                         Christian Rivera as Montgomery                                 
                  Brayton Bowman, Danielle DelBuono, Marykate Edgette, Tricia Gardner,
               Jeff Giles, Robert LaBarge, Kate MacLennon, Kate Ludwick, Sarah Spivack

                                                                        Snow Children
Alexandra Calzaretto, Anastasia Calzaretto,  Constance Dewey, Briana Gess, Derek Gess,
                            Kaitlyn Plocharski, Emily Smart, Matthew Smart, Meghan Smart

Photos taken at the Camden Children's Garden


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